2014 Winners

The Man Who Fed His Shadow

Best Picture
Best Editing
1st Place Under $25,000
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18 min. Budget $6,500, Greece
A man intrudes into rich people’s dinners claiming that he can collect the food from their table and feed his shadow which, curiously enough, is a female figure.


Best Directing
2nd Place Under $25,000
Yolanda Centeno
9 min. Budget $6,000, California
Pedro is an intelligent teenager who is a wiz at chess and math. When Ariadna, the girl of his dreams, comes for help with her homework, Pedro tries to use the same principles from chess in order to woo her.

A Light in the Woods

Best Acting
Dee Macaluso
1 hr 20 min. Budget $50,000, Utah
Brittany is a spoiled teenage-girl who ventures into the woods with her little brother, Ryan, to find her missing iPhone and gets horribly lost. While desperately trying to find their way out, they stumble across a strange mountain woman living in a worn-out trailer.

Alegria – A Humanitarian Expedition

Best Editing
Christoph von Toggenburg
YouTube Video
29 min. Budget $0, Switzerland (India)
This is the story of an epic solo expedition across the Himalaya that changed the life of hundreds of people in need and reached millions around the world. In 2010, Christoph von Toggen- burg cycled alone 3200km along the world’s highest tracks pulling a 30kg trailer packed with survival gear in support of leprosy patients and mentally destitute women in India. With little air to breathe and temperatures between -15 ̊C to +45 ̊C he crossed mountain passes higher than 5500m mastering a total of 50’000m.

Stin Stin

Audience Choice
Jordan Harker
Joey Daniel
6 min. Budget $4,500, Utah
A young, slightly neglected girl befriends a gentle beast in the woods be- hind her house.

Without a Rope

3rd Place Under $25,000
Nick Dixon
20 min. Budget $7,500, Utah
A climber named Rick is plagued by feelings of failure in the shadow of his brother Porter’s climbing skill. While returning from a climbing expedition, their plane flies through a storm and crashes injuring Porter severely. Their lives hinge upon Rick’s ability to climb a daunting cliff in search of help, all without a rope. From the film- makers: For two of our shooting days, we actually filmed on the side of a cliff several hundred feet in the air. Our brilliant rigging team ensured the safety of our actor, our DP and the RED EPIC we filmed on.


1st Place Under $5,000
Chris Chung
6 min. Budget $2,600, England
On a clear winters night, Richard is on his latest star light extraction in the south east coast of England. Experiencing strong gales of wind he braves the storm on behalf of his families business. Taking refuge behind the corpse of an old boat he comes into contact with a local, Lilly.


2nd Place Under $5,000
Tom Skowronski
6 min. Budget $3,225, California
The last 11 minutes in the life of a workplace shooter. Told by the director’s own suicide note, used as the script for the film.


3rd Place Under $5,000
Mark Ang
15 min. Budget $2,900, Taiwan
A couple finally gets pregnant only to have tragedy strike.

The Policeman's Story

1st Place Under $500
Tristan Ofield
7 min. Budget $500, England
Responding to a concerned neighbour - a Policeman arrives at a house in the dead of night to search for Mr. Groboski who has been missing for the past three days.

my heart

2nd Place Under $500
Yaser Talebi
2 min. Budget $200, Iran
The teacher is sick. her Students are trying to prepare a gift for him.

Routine Operation

3rd Place Under $500
Adam Stocker
12 min. Budget $500, England
Special agent, Simon Lang, is called out on a routine operation. The whole op- eration was filmed for training purposes. The tape was recently discovered and unearthed the mystery of what took place in the quiet Devon woods on January the 10th 1994.

Community Center – This Time Felt Different To Me

1st Place Music Video Competition
YouTube Video
3 min. Budget $400, Maryland
“This Time Felt Different To Me,” is a “Catcher- In-The-Rye” waltz about the aimlessness of being young and open-minded, and the video parallels the feel by following an athlete who doesn’t see himself as the failure everyone else does.

Rackhouse Pilfer - Fallen Leaves

2nd Place Music Video Competition
YouTube Video
Sean Clancy
5 min. Budget $10, Ireland
Leaving behind a desolate winter, a man travels beyond the clouds to bring life to the land below.

Kodaline - All I Want

3rd Place Music Video Competition
Kent Broadbent
4 min. Budget $300, Utah
Unofficial music video to a shortened version of “All I Want” by Kodaline.