Film Showcase

Is your film’s budget over $25,000? Over 20 minutes in length? Or is it not appropriate for all audiences? We can still show your film in the Film Showcase!

Film Showcase films may be of any genre but must have a PG-13 rating or less (ratings will be determined by the Underfunded Film Festival Committee). We will not accept films with nudity, sex scenes, or explicit sexual references; F* words or other vulgar language; illicit drug use; or graphic violence. If you are unsure whether your film is appropriate for our festival, please email us before submitting.

There are two categories within the Film Showcase: Feature Films and Short Films.

Feature Films

Do you have a feature film you want to get out of the shadows? The Underfunded Film Festival is a great place to showcase your work. Let us screen your feature in front of an audience of talented filmmakers and the public. After the film, we’ll give you the stage to answer questions and talk about your film. We’ll even film you doing it!

Short Films

Any film under 60 minutes is considered a short film. Short films in the Film Showcase can be films that are too long to be included in the Short Film Competition or that are not appropriate for all audiences. Additionally, films entered into the Short Film Competition that did not make it into the finals will be shown during the Film Showcase.



To be included in the competition, submissions must be received no later than May 4th, 2016. All films must be submitted via Film Freeway. Submitters will receive two Film Pass tickets.

Submit your film today!